Over the past year I moved my household and studio from Raleigh, NC back to my studio in upstate NY in the small town of Alfred.   It's been an event that has deeply changed my perspective and ideas toward my paintings and drawings.  In a sense it's been a return to my roots.  I live in a very rural area now, a drastic change from my city life over the past thirty years.  It has brought long ignored ideas back to the fore front and helped re-defined them. 

My paintings have defined a dialogue between two and three dimensional considerations.  I have a background in clay.  This experience gave me the opportunity to build and work with an added dimension.  The discoveries I made through clay gave me insight into an understanding of volume and the translation of line to define form on a two dimensional surface. 

Lines define the profile of forms and structure with my paintings.  The concept of line as profile has developed throughout my paintings and works on paper. 

I frequently draw lines through wet paint to emphasize a visual plane and to reveal the process of multiple layers of color in my paintings.  At times these lines appear as symbols or marks.  This aspect of my work has developed over decades as a unique personal language within my paintings.  The element of color combines with these to further expand my sense of an additional dimension within my work.

Harriet Bellows